Pokemon Climax

Pokemon Climax

Pokemon Climax is a GBA Rom Hack by PacoScarso & Team Echoes based on Pokemon FireRed. The game takes place in a new region called Linnhe, set in Australia. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated on September 11, 2022.

Download pre-patched Pokemon Climax GBA Rom

  • Creators: PacoScarso and Team Echoes
  • Version: Beta v3.0 (30h gameplay)
  • Hack by: FireRed
  • Updated on: June 22, 2020

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The Linnhe region, which lies south of Hoenn, has always attracted explorers and explorers who didn’t understand (and still don’t understand) how such a wide variety of biomes could exist in such a small area. Also, over the past 20 years, more and more people have started discovering mutations of common Pokémon, and in some cases entirely new Pokémon.

In the game, we take on the role of Rennac, a 27-year-old young (but famous) researcher who is sent to the region by the Pokémon Professors’ Council to unravel the mystery behind these recent goodies and unusual mutations.


Rennac: Young and talented Pokémon Professor, known for his research into evolution. Calm and very patient, maybe even too patient. Sometimes he seems to lack the will to live;
Annette: Bumbling and careless assistant who can be recognized from afar by her colorful hair and her little speech that jumps from 0 to Caps Lock in two seconds. Although it doesn’t seem like it, he puts a lot of effort and passion into the fulfillment of his duties;
Esther: Young folklore researcher from Linnhe. She will help Rennac in his research, even though their two fields of study are far apart. When she’s excited, she can’t help but express whatever she’s thinking;
Alm: adopted son of Rennac; although he is only 8 years old, he is very determined in his decisions and knows how to get things straight.


  • New region: Linnhe (inspired by Australia);
  • As in 3/4 of my hacks, there is no league and gyms;
  • Physical/Specialties Split;
  • Most of the moves and abilities up to Generation 6;
  • fairy guy;
  • BW defense system;
  • Experience after Catching (Style Gen 6);
  • Rating IV directly in the Pokémon menu;
  • Nature is highlighted in the statistics screen;
  • Fakemon.



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